Mary Hardiman
Professional Massage Therapy




"I have been working with Mary Hardiman as a Structural Integrator and trainer for about six months now.  In that time I have made more progress and gained more knowledge than I have in years of working with other practitioners or trainers or yoga instructors. I have chronic pain problems and scoliosis, so I have worked with a great variety and number of practitioners. 

What is different about Mary is that she doesn’t just say that she trusts her clients to know what is going on with their body, she actually does trust her client.  Every session begins with what help I ask for, not with what any formula or preconception prescribes.  She is unusual in her ability to adapt protocols and procedures to what is actually going on with her client.  And she has empowered me to be able to help myself by extensively sharing her knowledge with me so that I can successfully exercise on my own. 

I now understand where a muscle begins and ends, how to palpate it, how it fits in with other muscles in a movement chain, and how to strategically devise how to activate and release it. In only six months, my pain is reduced about 60% and my range of motion has increased about the same amount. 

I learned so much from her that in the first two months of quarantine, I exercised on my own using videos she sent me and went without treatment that whole time — something I had been unable to do for about 15 years.
As a Structural Integrator Mary has a great touch, and she is just a wonderful person to be around!" - N. Moore



- B. Anderson


"Mary is awesome! She has a profound ability to listen to your body's needs in each session, showing levels of patience, compassion, and anatomical & physiological knowledge that give you great results. Mary's glowing personality shines inside and outside of the session room. I highly recommend setting up an appointment with her!" - S. Moss


I remember the first time I came in and my neck was locked up (like a cramp in your calf but now in your neck and shoulders).  I had chronic pain and loss of mobility in my neck. It is very painful.  Through continued session work with Mary, this chronic pain has decreased and mobility has returned
Mary’s magical hands can
sense what your body needs.  Her style isn’t of a set massage routine, but responding to what your body tells her it needs.

I can’t express enough the Gratitude I have for Mary’s caring and healing touch.  Mary is by far the best massage therapist I have ever experienced.  At times I questioned her methods; but then as the pain subsided and peace entered my body, I learned very quickly that she is here to Heal.  I now know that Mary’s type of massage and structural integration is what my body needs in my ongoing challenges." - K. Maasen



"I have had discomfort/pain in my right hip for almost two decades. I have been to regular and orthopedic doctors, chiropractors, podiatrists, and physical therapists to try and determine the issue and find a solution. I know the issue is mainly due to my pelvic bone rotating backwards thus making my right leg shorter, but I have not been able to find any long term permanent solutions. Unfortunately, our society tends to view our muscular and skeletal systems as separate entities disjointed from each other; but Mary through her knowledge of the body using massage and Structural Integration, innately seems to understand otherwise.

I started massage services with Mary initially but moved over to Structural Integration, after 4 sessions I have been amazed at what seems to be a permanent result. The pain is gone, and I believe that we are finally addressing some very long term dysfunctional stability within my body. 

Mary is so sweet, calm by nature, knowledgeable about the human body, caring, and always professional. Some people just eschew goodness, and Mary happens to be one of those individuals. I would recommend Mary to anyone I thought could use help in understanding and alleviating aches and pains in their body. " - P. Graham


"As a Massage Therapist I feel grateful to have found such a skilled practitioner who really meets me on a physical level as well as energetic. I was feeling some restriction in my ability to move freely in my body throughout day to day activity. As well as times of discomfort and pain that sometimes last for several days limiting my activity.

Mary really listens to my needs each session and shows up with brilliant intuition into my body. I feel she balances what is needed and how much my body can actually process in a session to make it very effective work. Mary also brings her wisdom of the body and how it functions in a very practical way to repattern and unwind habitual patterns.

I always feel so much lighter both mentally and physically after a session with Mary. She is always bringing such amazing vibes!" -P. Kaur



"I would love to live like a river that flows, carried by the surprise of its unfolding." - John Donohue